Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dressing For Men

Ive always been kinda jealous at all the options females have when dressing. The various styles, colors, shoes and hairdos they have to choose from. Guys have pants and shirts. There really isnt all that much room to play around. Business attire is even more limiting. Or at least it was. I recently came across these awesome pants that really allow me to just be different, have fun and express myself. The only problem with these pants, is that youre limited to a solid shirt and solid socks...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

10 Reasons Why Men With High Powered Jobs Dont Marry For Love

I recently came across this article, and it was actually a tad bit scary... (my commentary in blue)

 1. They decide to “get married” rather than to “marry someone” – When men of power set out to achieve something, they accomplish it. And marriage is no exception. This really makes a lot of sense. I definitely empathize / have felt that way before. 

 2. It saves time – You can’t outsource love! Love requires work, and work requires effort, and effort requires time! If they had to make choices based on emotions, things could really end up off schedule. Definitely a good point! My life revolves around efficiency. Everything is planned down to the minutes. I do the exact same things at the exact same time every single day. That includes eating the same meals. Throwing something else into the mix can be kinda difficult.

 3. Efficiency trumps emotion – Making choices based on emotion is a delicate and lengthy process. It takes time and energy they just aren’t willing to exert. The emotional toll can definitely be very taxing. Part of why Ive stayed away from even dating for the past year or so,and have no immediate plans to resume. Simply too much time and effort needed.

 4. It clears up headspace for what they consider “more important things” – The human mind can have only so much information in it at one time. And true love is a HUGE space sucker. My life currently revolves around work, which I thank god love, and gym, which i love equally as much. So ditto that.

 5. It allows for outside relationships – If they really loved someone, they would have to exert self-control in order to be faithful. And we all know how much energy that can take. Most of these women know the deal when they sign up for this gig, so his behavior is also seemly a guilt-free experience. (Lying is another.) Yeah. This doesnt resonate with me. If there is one thing about me, Im extremely loyal. That kinda hanky panky just doesnt fly with me. 

 6. They already give all their love to their work (and to themselves) – There just isn’t any more room in their hearts for true love. Zigackly.

 7. They don’t have to take her feelings, needs, and wants into consideration before making big decisions – This allows them to keep their autonomy and streamline yet another process in their daily routine. Well said.

 8. They need a productive teammate, not a loving soulmate – A woman’s ability to co-pilot is far more important then her ability to express her emotions (and all the other wonderful things that come along with love). Yes and no. I like flying solo. Even a team mate doesnt really work for me. Part of why I never really vacation. I have a hard time letting go. 

 9. Love isn’t guaranteed to last – They aren’t willing to risk a lifelong relationship on love, because, if the love fades, they will have to start over (and lose half their s@#t!). This is a stupid one. Any reason one marries for can dissappear. I assume the marriage the author was referring to was one of two high powered people. When one of them loses their power, the marriage goes away as well. 

 10. They don’t even know what true love is – They have spent so much of their energy on their career that they never got to feel, to experience, to enjoy, or to ride the emotional rollercoaster that is true love. Maybe...

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Tavor

This weekend I got to shoot the Tavor. Beautiful. Im strongly considering springing for one. My only problem is that I dont have any more room in my gun safe. I may need to sell my plinking gun. The other thing is that with the California mandated barrel extender, it is just as long as a standard AR. So the question becomes if its even worth getting a gun with proprietary parts and a price tag over 2K when for 1500 one can get a ton of the line AR. And when the zombies attack, AR parts will be more readily available than Tavor parts. First world problems....

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Non Rant

I want to rant. I want to carry on about how some people are idiots, don't think things through, and how actions have consequences. But I won't. Because actions have consequences. Yes, this idiot move may give me considerable work over the next six months ( please god no). Yes, I will probably lose sleep, hair, and get high blood pressure from it. I may even start drinking. But I will bite my tongue. For silence is sometimes golden.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


I tried writing poetry again for the first time in years. It was also at three in the morning. Im not really sure what the underlying message is supposed to be, these are just the words that came to mind.

Leans in for a kiss,
Moment of bliss,
Not sure how he respond,
A hit or miss.

He turns away,
Says he cannot stay,
Jumps out of his seat,
Turns to run away.

As the waves crash,
As the birds sing,
Sun rises & sets,
A new day it does bring.
How itll turn out
Isnt up to you.
Just gotta do your best,
Try to see things through.

Souls shattered, they wander on.
They waited for the moment,
Now the moments gone.
No real control,
They are just a pawn.
In this large game of chess,
On the supernal lawn.

Keels over, dead on scene.
Sobering up, he was just coming clean.
Life flashed before their eyes,
Dead down here,
But still very alive.

As the waves crash,
As the birds sing,
Sun rises & sets,
A new day it does bring.
How itll turn out
Isnt up to you.
Just gotta do your best,
Try to see things through.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Was the Revenge Killing Wrong?

The headlines are full of stories about the so called revenge killing of the arab teen in Jerusalem. Media and the US government that overlooked the kidnapping and killing of the three Israeli boys (& has so far not followed the law by assigning a FBI team to investigate the killing as an American was killed) have all been screaming about the killing of the Arab kid.

So to put a few things in perspective. Number one: look at the difference in response between the Arabs and the Jewish establishment. The arabs have condoned the killing of the jewish kids, while the Jewish establishment have condemned the killing of the Arab boy. Number two, the whole story seems very fishy. According to Debka the suspects are all denying involvment, stating they were in the area but were in involved. My first thought is that the Israeli government in its misguided ways are hoping that by making some arrests the uproar will subside. They pulled some people from a group they can easily finger, the Betar gang, and are running with it. They put a gag order on the news, arent allowing the suspects to see a lawyer, and yeah. They are hoping it will blow over and then they ca quietly release these guys and say it was a mistake, and go back to square one. But i digress.

The title of this post was whether or not the killing, if truly committed by Jews was wrong? My first reaction was yes. It does not seem like a Jewish thing to do. My next thought was a bit different. Those familiar with the founding of the state of Israel know that the Irgun and Lechi carried out many "revenge" attacks in the early days before the state of Israel was founded. They achieved something very important. The arabs understood that terror  would be met with a tit for tat. The realized it wasnt worth it. My great grandfather obm was a member of Lechi. Towards the end of his life when he saw the way the Arabs were rising up due to the politically driven actions taken by the Israeli government, he would always lament the early days "when an arab was afraid to look at a jew the wrong way". What has happened now is that the arabs have realized that they can do what they want. The inmates are running the asylum.

So my conclusion is this: while I dont think a revenge killing like the one that supposedly occurred should be an "official" thing, sanctioned by the Israeli government, I think there is a place for it by "underground" groups similar to those of Lechi anf the Irgun. The government can hunt for them and do what they wish. But the most important thing is for the government to repress the rioting and protests that the arabs are doing. If they realize that actions will be dealt with by actions in kind, and that they suddenly wont be able to just run wild wrecking things, they may start acting different. The government also needs to start cracking down on Hamas and other terror organizations. Bombing empty bases is pointless. Bombs and jet fuel costs money. Dont waste it on empty bases. Take out the leaders. Destroy the infrastructure. Dont pay attention to the world, because the world will never support Israel. No matter how rational the argument.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

hobby lobby

The hobby lobby case has attracted a lot of attention. Liberals are screaming about what will happen in a case of a place which doesn't want to provide blood transfusions ( although the ruling specifically says that it doesn't apply to blood transfusions), or if an employer doesn't wasn't to provide benefit to a same sex spouse.

They are idiots. If a company doesn't want to provide certain benefits they don't have to. There are enough companies which don't provide any benefits. No one is forcing anyone to work for that company. Of you are actively choosing to work for them and you know what their compensation package is, why are you complaining? If you don't like it don't work there! If no one will work there they will close. Let the free market do it's job. Stop trying to force people to give things away for free. It had and we'll continue to kill our economy.

Food for thought.