Sunday, January 25, 2015

אחי בני תימן

As the people who know me are aware, I have this obsession with Yemen. I love the country, love their culture, love their music and love their food. This past summer I was seriously planning a trip their together with a friend, but we cancelled our plans after AQAP threatened to kidnap Americans. I will make it there someday....But I digress.

As those of you who follow the news know, Yemen has recently been rocked by a coup. The Houthis, a Shia group in Yemen. The Houthi movement began back in the 90s, and their leader was killed by the Yemen government back in 2004. What makes the Houthis interesting, is that they are very anti Al Qaeda, and have played a strategic role in fighting AQAP. At the same time though, they hate the U.S., and are also very anti Jewish. The last time the Houthis made a big push and expanded their territory, the Jews living in the areas the Houthis occupied moved to Saana, the capital of Yemen. There they lived in the "Tourist City", supported and protected by the Yemenese Government.

Being such a small percentage of the population, the Jews of Yemen are at the mercy of the government. Back during Saleh's rule, they campaigned showing their support for him. When he was overthrown in the Arab Spring, they then had to campaign for President Hadi. All along, they have expressed their understandable aversion to the Houthis, as the Houthis dont like them. Now that the Houthis have taken over, they are likely in great danger. Sadly, the media is silent. No one is talking about it. Even the Israeli media isnt saying much. As the Houthis are anti-American, our government cant do much. As this point, all we can really do is pray...,

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Gay Marriage License

My thoughts on gay marriage have always been that I dont care. I think its a sickness of sorts, but its their problem, not mine. So long they dont shove their ideals down my throat, who really cares who someone marries? Now, in terms of getting the legal benefits of marriage, again, so long someone is marrying another person, and not like that not job who recently decided hes marrying a house, I dont care. They are paying taxes into the system, let them have the same rights as everyone else.

Now, in general I dont think government should be involved in marriage to begin with. I dont think there should be taxes or benefits provided by the government in general, but as thats pretty much a lost cause, at this point I dont care if gay people get to join in the same messed up system straight people are in.

One of the more complicated aspects in the current gay marriage debate in the U.S. is that some states dont recognize marriages performed in other states. Liberals are fighting to have a marriage license issued in one state recognized by all other states. My thoughts: go for it 100%!!! I agree! It should be uniform. However, it cant just be for marriage licenses....

See, liberals like having their cake and eating it too. This presents a unique opportunity for gun right activists. We need to jump on this bandwagon that a license issued in one state needs to be recognized in all other states. Meaning, California will need to recognize my Florida concealed carry permit. It is a license issued in one state, and just like a gay marriage license, it should be recognized in all other states. In fact, the constitution is a lot clearer about my right to bear arms than it is regarding gay marriage. If gay marriage is universally recognized, so should gun licenses.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


I dont know why, but I think this is an awesome commercial. I guess its because of the whole family thing going on. Side note, WHAT THE HECK WAS UP WITH THE PACKERS?!?!?!?!?!?

Friday, December 26, 2014

Shas Breakup / Israeli Politics

It was with great amusement that I've watched the videos / read the news about the disintegration of the Shas party in Israel. For the life of me I never understood why anyone would back a low life like Aryeh Deri. I guess one thing his position showed about Rav Ovadia is that he was loyal. Aryeh Deri helped him gain political power, so he propped him back up even after his stint in prison. Eli Yishai aint no sweet smelling flower, but at least hes not an ex con. Those idiots storming his meetings yelling how he betrayed "maran" are literally a bunch of kooks.

Then there is Israeli politics in general. Ive always been a big fan of Avigdor Liberman. His recent comments though, have me quite confused. He seems to have drifted left. Then there is Netanyahu who is a spineless smooth talker. A politician in other words. I dont get why Moshe Feiglin dropped out of challenging him.

Then there is Otzma Yehudit. I kinda like them. They seem right wing enough for me. Definitely better than Bennet. Any party head who tries having bylaws which make him leader for life, and let him choose the seat holders instead of the voters is dictatorial and not to be trusted.

The long and short of it, where is a Kahane when you need one?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Eroded Relationships

When I left my previous company, I made sure to do everything nice, not burnt bridges. This week though, something weird seems to have happened. My former "mentor" who was supposed to come over for a chanukah meal, has been ignoring me. Texts and calls are being ignored and not responded to. Its weird because I spoke to her right before and right after I left, and we seemed to be ok. Im worried that someone else may have said something to her in my name or what not, and complicated things. Id love to get things sorted out, yet at the same time I dont wanna run after her like a mad man. Its sad, because we had a great relationship.

Anyhow, I need to get back to work. Happy Chanukah y'all!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen

I recently picked up a really cool gift to self. I bought one for my dad as well. Its the Pininfarina Cambiano ink-less pen. Designed by Pininfarina and modeled after their Cambiano sports car, the pen is beyond sleek.

The pen writes by oxidizing the paper. The writing looks similar to a pencil, but it cannot be erased and does not smudge. While definitely not the tool to use for all day writing, its a really neat toy to keep on one's desk and write with as needed. 

The pen is not available for purchase in the US, and needs to be bought oversees. I found a store in England which had it in stock, and which shipped it to me.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Film Review: Fury

I love war films. I think the best three movies (in no specific order) are Saving Private Ryan, Blackhawk Down and The Hurtlocker. Inglorious Bastards gets honorable mention. With this in mind, I was excited to see the ads for Fury, which seemed to depict an exciting and "accurate" war film. So, with some free time on Thanksgiving, I decided to stream the movie. It was painful.

The movie seemingly has no real plot. Everything seems horribly repetitive. There is this one "invincible" tank, which somehow always survives. It gets into one battle, and then other. It manages to kill hundreds of Nazis, and would of continued killing had it not ran out of ammo. That is quite literally the story line. Oh, and that the tank had a assistant driver who starts off in the film as a scared little kid, and finishes the film as a Nazi hating "hero". Whoopee.

In addition to all the above, there are quite a few historical inaccuracies. Many of the things that the tank crews are depicted doing are not think tank crews would have involved themselves with in reality. Much of the fighting is highly unrealistic, and even the basic filming seems off. It feels at times as if they were stuck with only one camera, and therefore decided not to give a full picture of the battlefield. Then, the most unrealistic part of it all, is when Norman, the above mentioned kid, is spotted by an SS trooper, after just having killed some two hundred Nazis. The trooper sees him and does nothing. Lets him just lie there. Completely and unutterably laughable.

All in all, a major waste of time. The movie gets a 2/10 and a don't bother watching recommendation.