Monday, July 27, 2015

Visiting North Carolina

I just spent a week in North Carolina for a conference. It was a pretty interesting week. Kosher food there is in short supply. For breakfast I had cereal with soy milk. Lunch was soy meat, baby carrots and nectarines, and dinner was pita bread (I brought some. No pas yisroel out there...), gherkins and tuna. Every day for a week. The one bright thing with edibles (or should I say drinkables) is that they have AWESOME local breweries out there. I no kidding probably went through some 4 bottles a night. All local stuff, a ton of great IPAs, and impressively almost all on the CRC's kosher beer list!!

Aside for that, there really isn't much to do out there. I went to a Charlotte Knights minor league baseball game. Gorgeous stadium and  stunning skyline. And, some 40 different beers on tap... I also made it to the NASCAR hall of fame. Did you know NASCAR was started because of moonshine?!?!?! It blew my mind. Apparently the moonshine makers wanted to sell the stuff, but had to be able to outrun the cops. They would modify their cars to make them go quicker. It then became a competition as to who had the fastest car, and NASCAR was born!! One thing I didnt see while I was there was a confederate war memorial. I was really hoping I would...

Anyhow.. cool place. great beer, but nothing to do, and waaaay too humid. Visit in the spring.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our System is Screwed Up

When I hear a recently engaged 22 year old girl saying how "she had to settle because she was getting old" I wanna just punch someone. What in heavens name is wrong with the system? In the "normal" world a 22 year old is usually just a kid who has no solid life plans. Only in the messed up "frum" community is a 22 year old an "old maid". Disgusting is the only clean word I can think of using to describe it...

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ambushed - Update

So, I was almost right. The girl wasnt there, but her father was... I was nice and polite, but made sure to mention a good few times that I'm currently not interested in dating. We'll see what happens...

Friday, July 3, 2015


Wheels spinning,
Just beginning,
skidding & slipping.

Swerve to a side,
Then to the next,
Falling this way & that
Trying to do it best.

Hit the guard rail,
Pierces the car.
Engine block blows,
Thrown good and far.

Crawling through the mud,
Clothes torn, hair burned,
Running through the woods
Not sure where to turn.

Eating some berries,
Not enough to thrive,
Then running again,
Just to stay alive.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I think I'm in for an ambush. The person I mentioned two posts ago who tried setting me up invited me for a meal on shabbos. I go to his house all the time, so I accepted. Then he texted me to tell me "there may be another guest". He's never done that in the past. I'm very suspicious that he'll have the girl he wanted to set me up with come over as well... I guess I'll see..

Friday, June 26, 2015

Values Out the Window

The Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage is a sad day for the country. The Judeo-Christian values upon which this country was founded have gone out the window. Sadly, I believe this will be the start of the end for the Union. Between taxation, gay marriage, Obamacare, gun control and a whole host of other liberal policies, I feel within the next 25-50 years we will see the more conservative part of the country try striking it out on their own...

Friday, June 19, 2015

"Touching" My Beard

I've always loved my beard. I felt it made my face look better, added a rugged manliness, it was neat, well kept and perfect. Over the past couple months though, things have started to change. It grew ever so slightly, and it feels a bit too bit at times. My sideburns got this wild thing goes, and became tough to control even with combing. My shnoozel (the under-chin / goat part of the beard) became rather extended and needed to be brushed back. It was driving me crazy.

After much soul searching, I decided to take a major step. It was one about which I was warned there is no return. I visited Beardbrand & bought a boar bristle beard brush and beard oil.

The change is amazing. I fully understand the "lumberjack" movement. Beard oil is fantastic. It makes the beard smell lovely, feel softer and makes it easier to maintain. After putting in the oil, the beard is then brushed, helping the oil reach every corner of the bard. This keeps the beard in check, looking healthy, feeling soft and smelling lovely. I am sold. Females: have your man try beard oil. It rocks.