Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Eroded Relationships

When I left my previous company, I made sure to do everything nice, not burnt bridges. This week though, something weird seems to have happened. My former "mentor" who was supposed to come over for a chanukah meal, has been ignoring me. Texts and calls are being ignored and not responded to. Its weird because I spoke to her right before and right after I left, and we seemed to be ok. Im worried that someone else may have said something to her in my name or what not, and complicated things. Id love to get things sorted out, yet at the same time I dont wanna run after her like a mad man. Its sad, because we had a great relationship.

Anyhow, I need to get back to work. Happy Chanukah y'all!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen

I recently picked up a really cool gift to self. I bought one for my dad as well. Its the Pininfarina Cambiano ink-less pen. Designed by Pininfarina and modeled after their Cambiano sports car, the pen is beyond sleek.

The pen writes by oxidizing the paper. The writing looks similar to a pencil, but it cannot be erased and does not smudge. While definitely not the tool to use for all day writing, its a really neat toy to keep on one's desk and write with as needed. 

The pen is not available for purchase in the US, and needs to be bought oversees. I found a store in England which had it in stock, and which shipped it to me.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Film Review: Fury

I love war films. I think the best three movies (in no specific order) are Saving Private Ryan, Blackhawk Down and The Hurtlocker. Inglorious Bastards gets honorable mention. With this in mind, I was excited to see the ads for Fury, which seemed to depict an exciting and "accurate" war film. So, with some free time on Thanksgiving, I decided to stream the movie. It was painful.

The movie seemingly has no real plot. Everything seems horribly repetitive. There is this one "invincible" tank, which somehow always survives. It gets into one battle, and then other. It manages to kill hundreds of Nazis, and would of continued killing had it not ran out of ammo. That is quite literally the story line. Oh, and that the tank had a assistant driver who starts off in the film as a scared little kid, and finishes the film as a Nazi hating "hero". Whoopee.

In addition to all the above, there are quite a few historical inaccuracies. Many of the things that the tank crews are depicted doing are not think tank crews would have involved themselves with in reality. Much of the fighting is highly unrealistic, and even the basic filming seems off. It feels at times as if they were stuck with only one camera, and therefore decided not to give a full picture of the battlefield. Then, the most unrealistic part of it all, is when Norman, the above mentioned kid, is spotted by an SS trooper, after just having killed some two hundred Nazis. The trooper sees him and does nothing. Lets him just lie there. Completely and unutterably laughable.

All in all, a major waste of time. The movie gets a 2/10 and a don't bother watching recommendation.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Its Hard to Say Goodbye

Roughly two years ago, I was given an amazing opportunity by a company to intern with them. After completing the internship, I was hired, and in these past two years, with G-ds help, I worked my way to the top. I worked with many fantastic people, who really helped me gain and grow. Over the past few months though, frustration began setting in. Our company is very bureaucratic, and has a hard time adjusting to change. The industry is changing, and it was having a hard time keeping pace. I was growing frustrated, because I was essentially running things and providing guidance and insight to departments which I should have not had to be involved in.

With that backdrop, yesterday, I got a job offer from a competitor. After a brief meeting, I accepted the office. With them, I will have the opportunity to shape things to run the smart way, and to move into the future. Goodbyes suck though.

Ive worked with these people for a long time now. My division is "my baby". I took something which was losing serious money, and turned it into the company's top performing branch. And then there are all the people....My "mentor", who trained me from knowing absolutely nothing. She texted me to say congrats, and we had a quick phone conversation after that. I thought id cry :-( Its hard. But I know Im doing whats best for my future, and with G-ds help itl all be fine....Goodbyes still suck though.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My New Tavor

Today I finally took the step and bought a Tavor. I've wanted to for a while, but its an expensive gun. This week I got a nice bonus though, and decided to drop part of it on a new gun. Well, here is me and my Tavor :-)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Draconion Laws

Los Angeles is considering an ordinance which would require gun owners to store their guns either in locked containers, or with a trigger lock. San Francisco already has a pathetic law like that. The first and most obvious question is how on earth do they intend to enforce that? Why pass a law that is unenforceable. The second question is, ARE THEY FREAKING INSANE!?!?!

I have a biometric safe in my bedroom., in which all my guns are stored. Every night, however, I take out my trusty Glock 17, and place it on the side of my bed, within arms reach. In the morning, it goes right back into my safe. The idea is that if someone G-d forbid breaks in, I can respond instantly. Biometric safes open quickly, but when every second counts, quickly is not quick enough. I can exactly say to the intrucder -  who may also be armed, "Please wait a second sir. Los Angeles dictates that my gun be locked. Please give me a second to unlock my safe / remove the trigger lock, and then feel free to smash the door to my room".

The scarier thing is that this is only a first step. A company has now released a device that can be installed on guns to track when they are picked up, and when theyre fired. California is the type to try forcing gun owners to install those. Even scarier is for them to require safes like the hypothetical in the video below. We cannot allow this to happen. We must fight for our G-d given freedoms. The right to bear arms is not to be infringed upon!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Jewish Strength

Years ago, when this blog first started, I wrote a post about "Every Jew a .22". Recent world events have me thinking about that concept once more.

All around the world we see a rapid rise in antisemitism. Jews everywhere are feeling hate for simply being Jews. Jews have been attacked, and in some places even killed. In Israel, Jews have seemingly lost their backbone and their will to fight. For political reasons, all provocations are simply being ignored, which in turn further encourages the rabble.

IN response, Jews really need to start standing up. Our line of defense cant simply be our faith in G-d or the "that can never happen here". Let us learn from Yaakov Avinu when he went to meet Eisav. He didnt just daven, he also prepared for war.

We must do the same. Every Jew a .22. Guns are a basic and sure method of defense. Long guns (rifles and shotguns) are very easy to use, and dont have to be all that expensive. Yes, some of our states unfortunately have Draconian gun laws, but they are workable. Trust me. I am a gun owner in the state of California!!! Liberal lalaland. Look at the laws. Spend some time on the range. Buy a safe. Buy a gun. Stockpile some ammo and you're set.

For those who ask what can one gun do? The answer: a lot. Because I dont want just one gun. I want you to have one. I want your neighbor to have one. His neighbor and so on. During the LA riots back in the 90s, Beverly Hills was spared due to homeowners barricading their streets with their SUVs and standing there with their shotguns. Their message: let them come. It worked. No one came. If people know our community is armed and dangerous, things will be different. People act more cautiously and are afraid to start up.

Finally, although this is not for everyone, basic self defense is a wonderful thing to know. I've been practicing Krav Maga for quite some time now. Having that skill set is invaluable. It brings with it a level of confidence both in the way I carry myself on the street or the like, but even in my regular everyday business dealings. Those who are able should definitely explore learning some sort of self defense that is relevant and can work in street fighting. This way you are protected when you are unarmed, either due to being disarmed, or if it was say just Shabbos.

Every Jew a .22. Because we must stand up for ourselves, because no one else will.